Does Light Bulb cost?
No! Light Bulb is FREE. All features are available FOR FREE. The only limitation is that we limit free accounts to 50 ideas/folders.
Why not just use voice memos?
For most people voice memos will do everything they need. Light Bulb is designed for idea generators who need additional tools to build and refine their ideas.
I found a bug in the app how can I report it?
Email us at support@lbulb.app.
What is Light Bulb Unlimited?
Light Bulb Basic has an idea/folder limit. Light Bulb Unlimited removes this limit and allows you to create an infinite number of ideas/folders. If you're enjoying Light Bulb consider upgrading.
I deleted an idea is there anyway I can retrieve it?
No. Once an idea is deleted it's gone forever. Be careful!
Are my ideas safe on Light Bulb?
Yes. We use modern web encryption when saving your ideas and create data backups regularly.